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Einer der malerischen Höfe (Hofje) in Amsterdam

Einer der malerischen Höfe (Hofje) in Amsterdam
Einer der malerischen Höfe (Hofje) in Amsterdam / one of the picturesque hofjes of Amsterdam

Leider kann ich meinen Aufzeichnungen nicht mehr entnehmen, um welchen der Höfe es sich handelt. Nur noch wenige konnte man besichtigen, obwohl eine ganze Reihe im Reiseführer als Sehenswürdigkeit aufgeführt waren.

Am ersten Tag wollte das Wetter nicht wirklich mitspielen. Den ganzen Tag nieselt es. Dunst liegt über der Stadt. Aber die Luft ist recht frisch und das feine Wasser öffnet meine Nase. Amsterdam riecht frisch, an jeder Ecke anders und neben Wasser, Menschen und natürlich auch Strasse riecht man hier oft Blumen, frisches Gemüse oder einfach nur feuchten Erdboden.

Unfortunately I can’t extract of my notes any longer which “hofje” this is. Only very few are open for public, even though many are listed as worthwhile within aour tour-guide.

During the first day the weather didn’t want to be fine. All day rain has been drizzeling about. The city was covered in mist. But the air is relatively fresh and the spray-fine water opens up my nose. Amsterdam smells freshly, differently at every new corner, next to water, people, streets there is a smell of flowers, fresh vegetables or simply moist soil.


  1. wp


    This is my house in Amsterdam. Het Karthuizershofje at the Karthuizersstraat. It is in the area ‘De Jordaan’. A beautyfull area around the church ‘de Westertoren’, near the Anne Frank’s house. (Walk direction Westerstraat, Lindegracht). Het hofje as it is today was built by the VOC (The Major Company in the 16th century, the Golden Age for Amsterdam) for widows and orphans from theis captains who didn’t return from their trip ‘to the east’. From the time before that there are some very old drawings from a wooden monestry that once stoot here. It was from the monks ‘the karthuizers’. As you noticed it has a long history. Nowdays there are mainly one persons households living here, althou there are two living-communities aswell. Its a bautyfull place to live, spat-bang in the centre of Amsterdam and I wake up with the wishling of the birds. (Or sometimes in the weekends from large groups of tourist who don’t seem to realize that there are people acctually living here!) So very welcome to visit this beautyfull spot in my beautyfull city, but please take the residents in concideration.
    Boom Boom Bolenat!

  2. Thank you, WP! This is Web 2.0 of its best! This gives us the oportunity to get information from around the world first hand.

    Thank you for your comment. I think nobody noticed us while visiting this lovely place – execpt the cat ;-)

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